Friday, April 16, 2010

Is Immigration Evil or Something?

So, this Monday, the Arizona Senate is going to vote on a new immigration bill that already passed the House (completely on party lines, I might add). This bill would make being in the country illegally a state crime, and require that state police enforce federal immigration laws, something that they couldn't do before.

This can't be good.

Essentially, Arizona police now have the right to pull over anyone they suspect of being here illegally and ask them to produce a proof of citizenship on the spot. If you can't? Guess what, your existence has become a class 1 misdemeanor.

Now, let's go ahead and look at the first problem with this bullshit regulation. Probable cause is necessary for the police to force anyone to show them any identification. They do not have the constitutional ability to randomly ask, based on their initial judgment of a person, for identification. They MUST have probable cause.

The SAME GOES FOR IMMIGRATION. You cannot randomly ask, based on nothing but pure instinct, a person to show identification. The government does not have this right, nor does the police!

But, what has the government gone and done? They've given more power to the police - including, more importantly, Sheriff Joe (douchebag) - that will allow them to profile and arrest not only illegal immigrants but those who employ them with or without knowledge of their status. This cannot possibly have been the idea of a smart, rational human being.

In fact, immigration restrictions as a whole could not have been thought up by rational human beings. In order for a free market to function properly, you must have a free flow of labor. Labor is an essential product, much like any other good or service, that should have limited restrictions because making it illegal causes more problems than it creates. America has, as one of its many virtues, an ever expanding job market. We, the average American worker (which studies have shown are growing older and smarter) are not filling those jobs. So, who's left to fill them? I can tell you now that it's not the legal, American workers. It's the immigrants who come here because of the increased opportunity from Mexico. Immigration restrictions make it harder for legal workers to get here, so they have to resort to being undocumented and immigrating illegally. Immigration restrictions have created the problem of illegal immigration.

There are 470,000 people living in Arizona, illegally, right at this moment. When large numbers of decent, hardworking people violate a law, why do we assume that it's the fault of the people? These people work hard to keep America running, yet all we do is fight them off at the border with fucking ugly fences and old, white, douchebag minutemen. At this point, when there are SO many violators of this law, the LAW HAS BECOME THE PROBLEM. Law works best when it revolves around the way people ACTUALLY structure their lives, not by attempting to reverse them.

This bill only makes it worse. You want to fix the immigration problem America? Let everyone who comes over get visas and work for their citizenship. Let the market decide how many workers it needs and doesn't need. Don't restrict the amount people that can get in, or force them to wait 10 years to get approved. These things only create illegal immigration, not stop it. People are always looking to America for jobs; putting up a fucking fence won't make them go away.


  1. By closing the border they force mexicans to join or work for gangs that only hurt the american economy more by importing more drugs that we can't seem to get enough of. To bad racism is alive and well...