Friday, April 2, 2010

Democrats Cave on Abstinence Only

Only one of the two things that the Democrats have done (that I agreed with) since Obama's election was to cut federal funding for abstinence only education. We know it doesn't work and we know it's expensive, and I was glad that someone actually used some evidence in the government. In fact, not only does it not work, but it (in some studies) correlates to HIGHER pregnancy rates. That must be true, because our Life FACS teachers here in Glendale only teach abstinence and the school is full of pregnant teens.

So, a tiny tiny, eensy weensy little clause in the healthcare bill has brought abstinence only funding back. To the tune of 50 MILLION A YEAR. Are you kidding me? The dumbass government is spending 50 MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR on a program that has, in every study, failed to do what it was supposed to? You're telling me that my tax money gets to be spent on this? No, this is absolutely RETARDED!

I don't like the healthcare bill. It places too many restrictions on a system which is failing because of restriction, and now this; this is just the metaphorical cherry on top of the metaphorical sunday. But, even though I don't agree, the bill was passed anyways. So, why couldn't that 50 million a year go to something that works like, say, sex education? We know that works, we can prove it.

That money should have gone to sex ed programs. It should have gone to programs that would have given kids and teens the knowledge and tools to be safe in their choices. When they have those things, they will be safer. This bullshit about sex being "immoral", and that it needs to be delayed until marriage is absolutely ridiculous. All we are going to get is higher pregnancy rates, and higher STD rates. This is because of a very simple principle that people just don't seem to get:

Kids are going to have sex. Period.

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