Sunday, April 4, 2010

Oh, Catholics

This is what the great institution of Rome has come down to: pedophile priests. Every day there are new reports of Catholic priests molesting and otherwise abusing children. What does the Vatican say about this? Nothing. They have no desire not only to defend themselves, but to correct their flawed system that allows this to happen. Today (Easter), the opening speech by the Cardinal Angelo Sodano simply said that Pope Benedict was the rock that held the church together, and then called upon the faithful to support the church against the smear campaign?

I just want to make a note to the Catholic Church here: there is no smear campaign. There isn't anyone who wants to deliberately ruin the reputation of the Catholic Church. You know why? The Church has done it well enough already. These kids who were molested by their priests are not doing this for publicity; they are looking for justice to be brought by the Church. But, it seems the only response the Church has is a cover-up. We might as well call it Pedophile-gate.

I think what irritates me the most is that it proves my suspicions about religion in general. Instead of confronting the problem and fixing it, they seek to maintain their flock and move them in one direction. All of this talk about vile smear campaigns and attempts to undermine the papacy is just propaganda. Propaganda that has one purpose: to keep the people Catholic. I mean, the Cardinal Sodano even informed the pope that the scandals were not losing him credibility amongst his flock. How can religious people be so deluded?

I'm proud of the thousands of people who have left the Church in Austria and Germany. It seems that in a world build upon foundations of reason, stupidity simply has no place.

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