Saturday, April 24, 2010

More Sex Abuse

The Boy Scouts were just ordered to pay $18.5 million dollars to Kerry Lewis, a man who was sexually abused by a scoutmaster in the early 80's. What is it with all of these religious people and abusing little boys? I mean, first it was the catholics, and now it's Boy Scouts? What the fuck man!

What's more ironic is how the Boy Scouts of America won't let homosexuals join the scouts (or atheists, for that matter). So, listen up BSA, it seems you've been infiltrated! Haha.

This is just further proof of how religion does the exact OPPOSITE of everything it tries to stand for. War, bigotry, oppression . . . touching little boys. So much comes from religion that it makes me wonder how it is people can still be a part of that kind of institution. I know I can't.

As for the Boy Scouts. I wouldn't let my kids join them if my life depended on it.

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