About Me

My name is Matt, and I'm an undergraduate studying Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at Arizona State University in Tempe. I started this about a year ago because I was tired of everyone: the religious, the right, and the left. I set out to provide a viewpoint that is rarely heard: that of a Libertarian Atheist.

The government of a free people should be limited to four functions: to protect us from ourselves (police), to protect us from others (military), to protect our private property (courts), and to protect us from corruption (force and fraud). In a perfect world, the economy would operate without government intervention and instead only focus on those four goals listed above. Of course, such a world does not exist, but that does not mean that the rules of limited government do not apply at all. America should be working towards making its citizens more free, by removing its control over the economy and allowing us, the people, to build it up. This made us powerful in the past, and it will do the same for us in the future.

As for the existence of gods, the answer is really simple and comes in two parts. There are other, more specific things, but this is a good general answer.

The claim that a god exists has not been substantiated by any empirical evidence, and therefore it is only logical to not accept the claim (this makes you an Atheist). This in no way implies that I am making the claim that there is no god, rather I am saying that there is not enough evidence to have belief. God could exist, but I do not believe that he does.

The second statement is that science has given us natural explanations for the various phenomena of the world, and therefore god is no longer needed to explain the universe. While all science is tentative, current human understanding is backed by a large amount of empirical evidence which allows us to accept them as legitimate. God, however, is not. In the natural world as uncovered by scientific discovery, there is no more room for god.

Those are some general statements regarding both political and religious belief. Read the posts for more arguments against big government and big religion.