Friday, April 30, 2010

Hawaii Hasn't Gotten It Right

Even if this new "gay marriage" law actually gets signed by the governor, it still doesn't mean anything. Why are people so afraid of them, that we feel that we have the ability to deny them the right to a happy marriage. We just call it a "civil union", so we don't have to feel like we've pissed god off. Here's the thing, a "civil union" means jack squat.

These people want marriage. They want to be the same as everyone else, to have the same rights and opportunity as everyone else. I want them to have these things. I don't want them to just have civil unions, I want everything for them! Total and utter equality is what these people deserve; they're the modern equivalent of the civil rights movement.

This brings up an important point: the government does not have the right to regulate marriage.

The Tenth Amendment delegates all powers that are either not given to the federal government or not prohibited for the states go to the states or the people. By this fact, marriage must go to the states, because it is not given to the federal government and the states are not prohibited. But, does the state have any say in it, even though constitutionally it can?

Of course it doesn't. The government doesn't have a right to license and regulate marriage. They don't have a right to say who can and can't get married, and they don't have a right to dispense benefits based on personal relationships. There's a key word: personal relationships. A partnership like marriage is to be regulated on the PERSONAL LEVEL, not the state or city level.

Equality cannot be granted through legislation. Equality must be relinquished unto us. Privatize marriage, end the government control over your personal life, and let everyone have the opportunity to be happy.

Otherwise, fuck you.

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