Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Funny Thing About Freedom

I've been thinking a lot today, as I often do when I'm tired and not paying attention to what's ACTUALLY happening, about immigration. Why is it that some people are so afraid of immigrants? What gives people this idea that freedom only applies to us, the legal American citizens? Because it most certainly doesn't matter whether you are legal or illegal.

Those immigrants that cross the border have as much right to freedom as any other person in the world. The ability to seek opportunity and ensure your own prosperity is a natural right, one that is not determined by citizenship but by existence. There is no difference, on a human level, between me, you, and that man who just crossed over so that he could make money for his famiy. That man, like any of us, is just trying to make his life better. What's so evil about this?

Then you get these nutjobs, both liberal and conservative, who feel that the border is not tight enough and that we need to do shit like build fences and send in the national guard. How could the answer to this situation be anything close to that? These immigrants are people like us just trying to survive. America is the one place in the world that gives them the freedom to do so and you want to do what? Arrest them, or deport them as if they are bad people? These immigrants have as much right to the freedom of opportunity that we do, and it is high time we realize that and stop treating them as invaders.

It's a funny thing about freedom: it doesn't end at the border.

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