Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How You Gays Can Win

You have to get rid of the Pride movement. I know, I know, it's freedom of expression and you're making a statement, but it needs to stop. Why? Because the Pride movement is the reason you are not getting your rights.

In fact, a movement like that will NEVER be successful. Not because I don't want it to be, 110% the opposite, but we have to be real here. All the Pride movement does is give the opposition negative propaganda to use against you. It gives those who are in power, and those who voting for them, the ability to reinforce those negative stereotypes in their minds. Those stereotypes and propaganda are used by those on the right to spread lies about gay people, stereotyping you as overly flamboyant, can't-raise-a-child, fairy dancing sodomites. And you know what? They can back that up with a picture of a guy in a giant fairy costume parading down the street. This is not the correct message to be sending people. All it does is give them an image to vote AGAINST; it sends the complete wrong message about you. This is not good.

You are good people, I know this personally. I know that you can raise a child just as good (actually, probably better) than a lot of heterosexual couples. I know that you deserve your rights, but by letting the Pride movement control the movement for rights, you've essentially given up. If you want to win, you have to give them new propaganda to spread. This time, you have to give them positive images of gay and lesbian couples. List the remarkable achievements made by gay and lesbian people. Above all, show that you are not overly flamboyant, can't-raise-a-child, fairy dancing sodomites. Don't parade around in a thong in Times Square, no one likes that.

I support you now and forever, but the movement needs to take a more serious and thoughtful approach to achieving your liberties.

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