Friday, November 12, 2010

New ridiculous cigarette warnings

The federal government just recently released 36 proposed warning labels to be placed on cigarette packages. They show pictures of corpses, a mother blowing smoke on her baby, and a person dying in a hospital with taglines like "Cigarettes cause fatal lung disease", "cigarettes cause cancer", and "cigarettes are addictive". Talk about propaganda.

This begs the question: is it the governments job to engineer your behavior? To tell you what is right and wrong to put in your body? Of course it isn't, and that's what makes these warning labels ridiculous. Yes, smoking can increase the risk for lung cancer, as well as a host of other diseases. The knowledge of those effects has caused a great decline in smoking and you know what? That's all it needed. We don't need more taxes, and these warning labels that are nothing more than outright propaganda. Our solution to the problem of smoking is education, not coercion.

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