Saturday, November 27, 2010


If you make a claim, but cannot demonstrate that claim to be true, then you have to accept it on faith. Faith is defined as belief without evidence, or in some cases, in the face of evidence. It is belief when you don't really have a reason to do so, so why should you place faith in anything?

All religions make claims that are ultimately untestable; that can only be taken on faith and faith alone. If none of those things can be proven, why believe them? Why is the desire to have faith so strong? Also, what makes your brand of faith better than others? What makes Christian faith better than Buddhist faith or Scientologist faith?

If you cannot demonstrate your claim through empirical evidence, then I will not cannot accept that claim as truth. If I were to take your claim on faith though, honestly what is the point? Everyone is making claims that can only be justified through faith, and they are all competing with each other. What is really happening is that you have large groups of people that are all making untestable claims, fighting over whose faith is best and expecting you to believe that one faith is better then the other. If they are all untestable, which they are, there is no way that any of them could contain truth. They are all ridiculous and therefore faith in any of them is POINTLESS.

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