Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Libertarians care . . . really!

Libertarians and conservatives (note: the two are NOT the same) often get lumped into the category of "uncaring", meaning, because we don't believe the government should be providing welfare or healthcare that we don't care about those people who need it. It offends me to hear someone tell me that I don't care about people. In fact, it's quite the opposite! I care a lot! Probably more than most liberals (because I care about big business too).

Liberals, conservatives, and libertarians do not disagree that there are issues. The disagreement comes from how to solve the issues. Liberals tend to favor the use of government to solve these issues, while conservatives and libertarians tend to favor society's ability to fix itself. We don't disagree that there are too many poor and unemployed people. We disagree on how to make them rich and employed.

Not that I dislike liberals, I appreciate all viewpoints, but this ad hominem argument tends to mostly come from the left. Let me tell you, it works very well. When we say the government shouldn't do anything about poverty, it works well in the favor of the liberal to say that we don't care and that they do; voters respond to that. Nevertheless, it's wrong (and probably a logical fallacy) to say so.

I promise, we really do care.

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