Sunday, November 21, 2010


So, after receiving some propaganda at the Ron Paul speech, I decided to read through one of the magazines. It was called Republic Magazine, and in it was an ad for the International Academy of Lymphology. What is Lymphology, you might ask? It's nothing, it doesn't exist.

However, they claim that you can free yourself from medical experimentation by learning how God created your body. Apparently, according to the ad, inflammation and blocked circulation is the cause of pain, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and ALL other crippling diseases (what qualifies as a crippling disease?). I wish I could go into specifically why that is all nonsense, but I'm afraid its late and it would be too much for me to sift through. Just know that inflammation of your blood vessels does not cause anything on that list, except for maybe some slight pain. If you happen to have blocked circulation, you need to go to a hospital because you will die otherwise.

I mean, seriously? Lymphology? That's up the alley of reflexology or chiropracty. Just a straight kick in the balls to science.

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