Monday, January 10, 2011

Three issues

Yes, the shooting was tragic. Psychos like that deserve to be locked up forever. In fact, I would even say that he deserves the death penalty. However, being a criminal does not dissolve your rights, and the right to life is one that absolutely cannot be infringed upon by the government. He needs to be locked up, but he can't be put to death.

Secondly, guns don't kill people, crazy people kill people. You don't punish the gun for the crimes of the person. Instituting gun control laws will not help; if people want guns, they will get them. The best thing we can do is protect ourselves and hopefully be able to stop something like this when it happens again (because, sadly, it probably will in the future).

Thirdly, this bill that's going to be floating around the House banning websites and images deemed threatening to federal officials is ridiculous. Leave it to someone in government to even THINK about banning a form of speech. The freedom of speech does not end when it becomes violent or offensive, I'm sorry. I hope this bill gets shot down.

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