Friday, January 14, 2011

Let's just put this to rest

Those that are legitimately worried about their astrology sign need not worry (screw it, don't worry if you're only playing around either). Let's end this right now:
  1. Astrology is a primitive form of cold reading. Basically, the astrologer makes a series of claims and when one of those claims happens to be true, the entire thing is seen as prophetic (psychics do the same thing). For the most part, people only notice the times that astrologers "get it right", but completely disregard the claims when they're wrong as if they didn't happen. 
  2. This is somewhat related to the cold reading point above. When you read a horoscope and are told that it is for your personal sign, you have a tendency to apply whatever it is that is said to your life. In other words, you make the horoscope fit with your life, rather than it be an actual prophetic message. The horoscopes are written so vaguely that it makes this easier to do. For the most part, any of the horoscopes for any sign can apply to everyone.
  3. Studies done in the past testing astrology's claims show, not remarkably, that there is absolutely nothing to astrology. A common study looks like this: a group of people is given a horoscope and they are told that it was prepared for their individual sign. They then report whether or not the horoscope was accurate. The catch? Every horoscope is exactly the same. Everyone is given the same horoscope for only one sign. If there was anything to astrology, you would expect those who had that sign to agree that the horoscope was correct in describing their life. The results? Well, they're all over the place. Some people who had the same sign as the horoscope agreed that it fit them, others said it didn't. Some people who didn't have the same sign agreed, and some didn't. There is no correlation whatsoever. 
  4. There is absolutely no way that stars can affect personality or day to day lives. What do they do, beam down information from space into your head? I don't think so.
  5. Constellations are man-made artifacts, they do not actually exist. 
  6. Astrology has been long replaced by astronomy, a legitimate science.
So, don't get all uppity about your sign changing. Nothing about astrology is worthy of your attention.

Oh, and I guess the change only applies to people born after 2009. Oh well, doesn't make astrology any more legitimate.

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