Sunday, January 16, 2011

Speech is a thing to be respected

And that means all speech. Whether you like it or not. Whether you agree with it, or not. Whether or not it's hateful, offensive, or even dangerous, speech is something that has to be respected.

What happened in Tuscon was terrible, but to blame it on the media is a step that shouldn't be taken. Jared Loughner is insane, he obviously has something mental going on. You can tell just by watching his inane ramblings about bad grammar and seemingly apolitical issues (something about currency, but who the hell knows) that there is something wrong with him. The media did not cause this killing, and you cannot blame them just so that they can "fix" problems that YOU personally had with them. I think this incident is quickly becoming a scapegoat for people who had previously felt this way about contemporary media.

Yes, there is some harsh rhetoric in the media today (more so on the conservative side but everyone is guilty). Some of it is angry, even hateful, but you can always turn it off. You can always just ignore it. In the end, you have to respect even the worst of speech.

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