Monday, August 23, 2010

12 Arguments Evolutionists Should Avoid, Part 9

The ninth argument that evolutionists should avoid is that "sedimentary layers show millions of years of geological activity".

The first problem with this is that we have switched topics - from Biology to Geology. Sedimentary layers have very little to do with evolution, at least in this context. But, let's just roll with it for a second.

Something a lot of creationists don't seem to know is that sedimentary layers are NOT how geologists actually date the Earth. What they use is volcanic rock that has worked its way into the layers. This data is confirmed and constantly retested many times all over the world, all of which arriving at the same conclusion: the Earth is really old. But how does AIG see it? Dating rocks is based on assumptions, and that all of the sedimentary layers on Earth were deposited by one flood. Makes sense.

Once again, AIG brings up the age-old "based on assumptions" argument, without actually presenting what those assumptions are. In this situation, all there is to do is say "okay", and continue on. I can point to hundreds of pieces of evidence for the age of the Earth. What do they have, a book?

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