Wednesday, August 11, 2010

12 Arguments Evolutionists Should Avoid, Part 2

Part two of Answers in Genesis' list of 12 arguments that evolutionists should avoid is the argument that only the uneducated reject evolution.

Here's the truth about this argument: it is one that should be avoided. It's not that people who don't accept evolution are uneducated or even less educated (there would be no proof for that), it's that those people do not typically understand the volume of evidence supporting it. To say that these people are uneducated is simply a generalization and of course is not supported by any evidence. A better way to phrase it is that people who reject evolution are typically scientifically illiterate. They either don't understand the science, or don't care to understand the science.

So, yes, this argument should be avoided (because it doesn't hold up), but how many "evolutionists" actually use that argument.

Very little.

Just saying that the other side is dumber or less intelligent than you doesn't make you right, and most "evolutionists" know that. We rely on evidence, not ad hominem attacks.

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