Thursday, December 9, 2010

You shouldn't have to believe in medicine

If I have a headache, I take a couple of Ibuprofen. You know why? Because whether or not I BELIEVE the medicine works it will still inhibit cyclooxygenase, which through a long cascade of reactions helps to inhibit the pain pathways. I don't need to have faith, it will do this on its own.

In fact, if you have to believe in a medicine for it to work (those funky magnet bracelets, homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropracty, etc.), don't do it. Chances are that it hasn't actually been proven to work under controlled conditions, case in point the treatments I mentioned above. 

So, next time you feel sick, it's best to see a doctor and get medication. No matter how much you think the industry is out to get you, medicine that is evidence based is a helluva lot better than getting your back cracked for a thousand dollars.

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