Thursday, October 14, 2010

You are special

You are special, whether you know it or not. You're special because you exist, not because it is granted to you by God. I wish people recognized this more often, instead of relying on a god or spirituality to provide their lives with meaning. You create your own meaning, you create your own "specialness".

Next time you have a problem, don't wait around and hope god fixes it for you. Don't rely on faith to get you through, rely on yourself. It's an empowering feeling to succeed in life due to your own perseverance and trial, It's empowering to know that failure can always be corrected because it's you that controls your life, not some figure in a book.

This may sound like some bs self help crap, but I'm being serious. Be all you can be, don't put it on the shoulders of a being that doesn't exist and hope everything turns out all right. Work hard and do your best, and a good life will follow. Remember, you're special because you're you. :)

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