Thursday, September 9, 2010

Good ol' Christian Morality

September 11 is a day of mourning. A day for those who lost their loved ones in the tragedy at the World Trade Center to honor their passing. As it turns out, for one Florida minister, it is also a day to declare all Muslims enemies of America and burn their holy book at a public event. Wonderful, this is a good example of some of the conservative Christian "morality", as well as an example of how divisive organized religion really is.

Ah, a good ol' book burning. Brings us back to the days of witch hunts and burnings at the stake, doesn't it? These are the kinds of Christians that get under my skin. They declare other their enemies, proclaim that they do this in the name of god, and all of a sudden they are justified in their actions. They claim that it is "moral" because of this. If there is a definition of morality that is not entirely subjective, I would think that burning the holy book of another religion is not something that is moral. Especially when you consider the fact that the two religions worship the same god. All this demonstrates is conservative Christian bigotry, and the apparent hatred of those who think differently.

What do they get out of book burning? Why is it that these Christians get to declare the entire religion of Islam as the enemy? It was a very small group of fundamentalists (much like these Christians, ironically) who had some deep anti-American sentiments. Islam, is not the enemy. Islam did not hijack the planes. The radicals who interpret the Qur'an in a fundamentalist way is what killed all of those people that day.

This is a good example of the divisiveness of religion. They don't see people as individuals, they label them. It's not that Al-Qaeda is the enemy, or even the specific hijackers. It's the entire religion of Islam, and when you declare an entire group the enemy, you have effectively divided society. You have made it acceptable to consider doing harm, potentially to people who have not done anything to you. The vast majority of Muslims are peaceful and just want to practice their faith like everyone else, but they are demonized and made into radicals who want to see America destroyed.

This is why religion and government are not allowed to mix. Can you imagine if we had a Christian government that could declare all Muslims the enemy? That would have catastrophic implications, potentially causing wars and other atrocities.

While the burning of a holy book seems harmless, but the movement and bigotry that it represents is despicable. It is the symbol of everything that is wrong with organized religion.

As of now, the book burning has been postponed, but that is irrelevant. The fact that this would have even come to anyone's mind is shocking. How about we get some Muslims to burn a Bible, and see what happens. Isn't that fair?

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