Friday, March 26, 2010

The Ten Myths of Evolution Refuted, Part 1

Answers In Genesis has an interesting list of the Top Ten Myths about Evolution. When I first saw it, I immediately smelled an interesting combination of bullshit and swamp ass. Unfortunately, that's exactly what I got when I read them (but, honestly, what did I expect).

So here is the number ten myth of evolution, refuted. The myth is that computer simulations prove evolution.

The claim is that computer simulations do not prove evolution because they reflect the biases and assumptions of the programmer, and because they are used to meet predetermined goals and way points.

The funny thing is that the answer to this crap is, yes, computer models do not prove evolution. Scientists don't think so either, though.

A computer model has to be made with algorithms and processes that are already known. It's not that we study what happens to a computer simulation and use that as evidence for evolution; quite the opposite. We have to study the way organisms are selected, the way genes mutate, and the way populations and environments change in nature in order to build models of them on computers. The only thing we then use the computer models for is to demonstrate the evidence that has been gathered.

It is silly to think that we use computers to prove evolution. You would have to have the knowledge about how evolution works beforehand in order to even put it into a computer, therefore not proving anything.

Although, some of the more elaborate computer simulations detailing evolution's processes are quite spectacular.

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